In the spring of 2018, Salviamo l’Orso took over the Bear Museum of Pizzone, in agreement with the municipal administration, which is the owner of the premises and fittings dedicated to the Marsican brown bear.

Thanks to the voluntary commitment of some members of Salviamo l’Orso, the Bear Museum will host:

  • Interpretive guided tours for children and adults.
  • Educational workshops for schools and families.
  • Seminars and workshops for the study and dissemination of topics related to the protection of the Marsican brown bear and its habitat.
  • SLO operations center for bear and habitat monitoring.
  • Organization center in the area for the prevention of wildlife damage (in particular, installation of electric fences and bear proof gates).

You can visit the Bear Museum of Pizzone on Sundays, from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00. Admission is free. For group visits and specific workshop activities, even on other days of the week, you can e-mail to and / or call +39 350 0260161.

Salviamo l’Orso believes that the management of this museum is important, because of the conservation of the species and especially passing on the knowledge of its biology and the good practices of coexistence that citizens can put in place to limit man-bear conflicts.

Each of us, in one’s own small way, can contribute to the protection of the Marsican brown bear.

If you know, you will appreciate; if you appreciate, you will protect.