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Marsican brown bear on Meridiani Montagne

4 Ottobre 2012 | Non categorizzato

From 30 to 1500 specimens: that’s how to save a species.  (An article by Flavia Farina).

September’s special issue of Meridiani Montagne, devoted to Sibillini Mountains and the Wolf introduces two other species which are a symbol for the central apennines, the  apennine’s chamois (Rupicapra pyrenaica ornata) is undergoing several reintroduction attempts on main mountain groups of the apennines, in order to avoid to its small population to become vulnerable to illness and environmental mutations, and the marsican brown bear (Ursus arctos marsicanus), that has inhabited the Sibillini for several years (2006 – 2010) and then spontaneously moved south towards the Duchessa Mountains Natural Preserve (RI), where it was sampled again.

The article stresses the importance for bears of keeping a high quality of ecological connections between preserved areas, as well as the high rate of mortality due to human causes (82%) while mitigation attempts are still largely insufficient.

Writer ends: “In order to make the marsican brown bear an happy end story, it is necessary to act, promptly”.

Meridiani Montagne – Monti Sibillini

September 2012. Year XI – N. 58


Esperienze – Natura. Alla scoperta della biodiversità. Pp 122 – 124.