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Hunters and rangers together to protect the Marsican bear in Monti Ernici

23 Novembre 2012 | Non categorizzato

Agreement between ATC FR1 and PATOM representatives for the Lazio Region to monitor the presence of the Marsican bear in the Monti Ernici

Press release of the Simbruini Regional Park

(Jenne, 19 Nov 2012)

An important initiative of cooperation between the hunting world and the conservation of nature’s one. A collaboration between the hunters of ATC FR1 and the researchers of the “Regional Network for monitoring the conservation status of habitats and protected species (Directive 92/43/EEC)” has begun for the protection of the Marsican brown bear in the area of Ernici on the border with the Simbruini Regional Park.

This agreement, that soon will be signed in an official way, has been arranged under the aegis of PATOM (Action Plan for the protection of the Marsican Bear) sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and signed by the Lazio Region, together with all parks and local authorities in the territories frequented by bears and is an important result also for the Life Arctos project for the conservation of the brown bear in the Alps and the Marsican bear in the Apennines.

Already in the next few days researchers and hunters together will monitor the areas of boar hunting to look for signs of bear presence before hunting. In fact, in recent weeks, at least one specimen has been seen in those areas, urging regional leaders to set a technical table to address the current issue and start a confrontation with the hunting world to find, in a participatory way, compatible hunting methods in crucial areas for the presence of the bear.

“The result got in the meeting of 11.16.2012 is an important step forward for the protection of the Marsican bear in areas outside National Parks,” says dr. Russo, responsible for PATOM, “in fact, only a compatible management of adjacent areas and connection areas between parks will ensure the survival of the bear. With President Vivoli of ATC, we are convinced that this is the first step of a partnership that will bring important benefits to the conservation and development of mountain areas where hunters can take relevant action for knowledge and management of wildlife in spirit of the law 157/92.

Also the Commissioner of the Simbruini Regional Park, Maurizio Lucidi, and the director Alberto Foppoli, sharing the project, offer the full cooperation of the Authority staff, emphasizing the ecological and tourist importance of the bear presence.

For the first time in the Apennines, two worlds, so far historically opposed, have joined their forces to achieve a common goal: the protection and enhancement of the Italian environmental heritage.

The bear conservation will be the first and most important challenge of this new partnership.