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Rejected wind project in Tornimparte (AQ)

14 Dicembre 2012 | Non categorizzato

The Commission VIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) of the Abruzzo Region has totally rejected the final project of a wind farm on the mountain ridge of Tornimparte (AQ), against which the Association “Save the bear” had written a letter to the Corriere della Sera. Finally some good news for the bear, which is used to crossing this land between the protected areas of Abruzzo and Lazio, and for the whole nature of the Apennines.

We thank the VIA Commission for its sensitivity and the State Forestry Corps for having submitted deciding documentation on the danger that the huge wind turbine blades would have brought to the griffins hovering over those ridges.

But the final decision on the wind farm of Pizzoferrato (CH), another plant that we have opposed since the first presentation of the project, was postponed to a further meeting of the VIA. We will keep up our attention also on this decision that would devastate a picturesque area of great importance as a corridor between the Abruzzo National Park and the Majella NP, an area where the presence of the Marsican bear was reported several times in the past months.

Our mobilization against these industrial installations will continue until Municipalities, Regions and public administrators do not understand all that solar and wind power can be an asset but not at the expense of our country’s nature and landscape. So these devices may be installed in areas already degraded or on the roofs of buildings, but not at the expense of valuable farmland or, even worse, in protected areas.