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AISPA supports “Caring for dogs saves the bears” project

8 Aprile 2015 | Non categorizzato


Salviamo l’Orso is delighted to announce that in the last few days *AISPA has generously donated 6,000 pounds to support the ongoing Caring for dogs saves the bears project – the project which had already been started thanks to an earlier donation from the Patagonia and Tides Foundation’s grant. This is a vitally important vaccination and registration campaign of stray dogs and sheep dogs living in the Marsican brown bear’s home territory, fighting the threat of epidemics like distemper, parvovirus and canine hepatitis being passed from dogs to bears and on to other wildlife species such as the wolf.

* AISPA – Anglo Italian Society for the Protection of Animals – is an English charity based in London which has fought animal neglect and cruelty in Italy since 1952. AISPA was set up following the death of the animal welfare pioneer, Leonard Hawksley. This year a partnership was formed with Salviamo l’Orso to protect the last remaining bears of the Central Apennines and this is in addition to the 31 other projects which they are already supporting throughout Italy. Salviamo l’Orso would like to thank AISPA for its generosity and commitment in supporting the struggle for the survival of the Marsican brown bear.