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Anti-poaching action in the Majella National Park

6 Novembre 2015 | Non categorizzato

ANG_7425Yesterday morning the volunteers of Salviamo l’Orso – along with volunteers of other associations – participated to an Anti-poaching Day organized by the Majella National Park and the Italian Forestry Corps. On this occasion, several snares were detected in and removed from areas of the Majella NP historically plagued by these vile and cruel traps which are mainly directed to seize wild ungulates (wild boar and deer), but are lethal also for foxes, wolves and bears, as evidenced by the loss in the last years of several wolves and a bear in 2000. We shall not forget that an animal caught by a snare dies after an awful agony and that these snares are often abandoned in the vegetation and kill wildlife over time.

Salviamo l’Orso thanks the Majella National Park, the local Forestry Corps and all the volunteers who took part to this fundamental action to fight against poaching with the hope to replicate it as soon as possible!