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An electric fence in Luco dei Marsi for the project “The Bear’s Honey”

16 Maggio 2018 | Non categorizzato

On May 10, Salviamo l’Orso built up an electric fence to protect an apiary in Luco dei Marsi, which last year a bear raided. We have secured that area so that Salvatore the beekeeper can bring his beehives back there in the next days. We carried out this action thanks to the fund of the project “The Bear’s Honey”, which proves as the implementation of simple precautions makes possible the coexistence between beekeeping and the Marsican brown bear. The self-sustainability of this project depends only on the proceeds of the part of honey that our partner beekeepers give us, and on the generous donations of some members of Salviamo l’Orso.

We thank Salvatore for joining this initiative and for his care about the bees and the bear!