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Agreement for the Marsican brown bear conservation in Alto Molise

25 Aprile 2019 | Non categorizzato

On April 23rd, in the office of our friends of Intramontes in Pescolanciano (IS), an agreement was signed to improve and make more effective the conservation of the Marsican brown bear in the territory of Alto Molise. This agreement requested an important work of confrontation and share of ideas and availability from the several partners of the area involved: Salviamo l’Orso, which coordinates the collaboration and has structured the document; the Association Intramontes that works to valorize and promote the natural and cultural resources in Alto Molise; the Molise Region, which manages the prevention and the compensation of damages from wildlife and coordinates the Monitoring Network for the Marsican brown bear in the regional territory of Abruzzo and Molise (RMAM); the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Collemeluccio-Montedimezzo Alto Molise; the Consortium ASSOMAB that brings together the seven municipalities of the Biosphere Reserve; the Alto Molise GAL (Group of Local Action) that works on a broad territory. The last three partners did not attend the meeting for personal and professional reasons, but soon they will also sign the document.

With the aim of enhancing the man-bear coexistence in Alto Molise, this agreement outlines the commitments that each partner will carry out according to their specific capacity and competences: the prevention of bear damages and the mitigation of conflicts by building electric fences and bear-proof doors, communication and popularization activities to favour the coexistence dedicated to the local communities and the visitors, some monitoring activities in collaboration with the RMAM and compensation of possible bear damages.

Then, a brief moment of celebration of the achievement was held toasting with the beer of the artisanal brewery La Fucina from Pescolanciano and breaking a charity chocolate Easter egg. What could ever be the surprise in it? A bear-shaped pencil sharpener, which is certainly a good omen for this new collaboration in Alto Molise!