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The IBA sponsors the project “Bear-Smart Community Valle Roveto-Ernici”

21 Maggio 2019 | Non categorizzato

For the second time, the IBA, an organization of the leading bear experts worldwide, has decided to reward a project of Salviamo l’Orso on the coexistence between the Marsican bear and the local communities in unprotected areas of high suitability for the species, such as the Valle Roveto and the Ernici mountains.

The “Bear-Smart Community Valle Roveto-Ernici” officially started last Thursday, when our volunteers and the staff of Rewilding Apennines, following the timely notice from the staff of the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park, protected with an electric fence a small apiary, which a bear “visited” few days before. We thank the IBA for the donation of $ 10,500 which will allow us to carry out this initiative in collaboration with the Zompo Lo Schioppo Regional Nature Reserve and the Municipality of Collepardo.