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Partnership in the “Instant Wild” project

13 Settembre 2019 | Non categorizzato

Salviamo l’Orso is partner with Rewilding Apennines and the Zoological Society of London in the citizen science project “Instant Wild”!
The ZLS objective is to involve as many people as possible in important projects of wildlife conservation around the world by sharing many and spectacular photos and videos from extraordinary places of our Planet on the Instant Wild platform!

Amongst these, there are the Central Apennines, where Rewilding Apennines and Salviamo l’Orso are working together with local parks and reserves to defend and monitor protected species, first of all the Marsican brown bear. In the page dedicated to our rewilding area, it is possible to watch thousands of photos from the camera traps that were located in the Site of Community Importance “Gole del Sagittario”, which includes the Natural Regional Reserve WWF Oasis “Gole del Sagittario” and the Nature Regional Reserve Lago di San Domenico e Lago Pio, managed by the association Ambiente e/è Vita.


This is an invite to try up your skills in recognizing the wildlife species of the Apennines! Just register on Instant Wild website and start following the project! In this way you will increase the visibility of this wild corner of the world and contribute to spread our conservation projects!