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Conference “The sustainable development as a new identity for the mountain”

6 Ottobre 2019 | Non categorizzato

Yesterday, Salviamo l’Orso and Rewilding Apennines attended the interesting conference “The sustainable development as a new identity for the mountain”, organized by the association Intramontes, Incontri Tra/Montani, the University Molise Master in Design and Promotion of the Cultural Landscape and the Society of Territorialists.
The presence of several organizations coming from the Alpine and Apennine arches was very stimulating, so dense of cues and exchanges of experiences about the numerous potentialities aimed to revitalize the mountain communities and halt the depopulation. Our contribute to the discussion was about the prevention and mitigation actions of the men-bear conflicts, the important help of the volunteers in the activities for the conservation of the Marsican brown bear and its habitat and the spread of the Bear Smart Community model. Our presentation was very appreciated, stimulating questions and curiosities.
Moreover, the conference has been enriched with days of field visits of places and initiatives aimed at promoting the territory resources of Alto Molise.
A special thank goes to Intramontes, our partner organization, that committed itself a lot for carrying out this interesting and well participated event!