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Stanley Johnson visiting Abruzzo to discover the places of the bears and its relationship with the local populations

1 Novembre 2019 | Non categorizzato

In the past days, we have been honored for accompanying Stanley Johnson, father of Boris, the prime minister of Great Britain, during a visit in Abruzzo to discover the bears’ places and the relations between this animal and the local communities. In an ecstatic journey amongst the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park and the Nature Reserves of Gole del Sagittario and Monte Genzana Alto Gizio, the English writer and journalist, who is also an ambassador of Rewilding Europe, appreciated very much the presence of the Marsican brown bear by finding its signs of presence, and the commitment of the protected areas and the organizations like Rewilding Apennines and Salviamo l’Orso, so focused on promoting the coexistence between the bear and the residents. And the Bear Smart Community project is a tangible example.
Johnson said that the work we are doing here for the conservation of this species is tremendously important, not only for Abruzzo, Italy or Europe, but for the whole world! And if also he says so, we have to believe for sure!

Link: https://www.ilgerme.it/papa-johnson-tra-gli-orsi/