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Jumbo Valley is safe

19 Gennaio 2020 | Non categorizzato

After a thirty-year dispute, the Jumbo Valley in the Purcell Mountains in British Columbia is finally safe from the project of a mega ski resort! The Canadian government, the government of the British Columbia and some private foundations have allocated $ 21 million for the Ktunaxa Nation to make this unspoiled corner of the American continent an indigenous protected area. So the native people and the many citizens who supported them can celebrate the protection of this sacred place, a vital connection area for the region’s grizzly population. In our small country, Italy, on the contrary, politicians and the press relaunch costly plans to expand ski resorts with public funds, despite the fact that it snows less and less and at higher altitudes. Perhaps one day most of our people too will recognize the enormous ecological value of our mountains and fight to preserve them as the Ktunaxa did. The story of the struggle for the protection of the Jumbo Valley is beautifully narrated by the documentary film Jumbo Wild, produced by Patagonia in 2015.

Link: https://www.nelsonstar.com/news/jumbo-valley-to-be-protected-ending-decades-long-dispute-over-proposed-ski-resort/