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Webinar promoted by Rewilding Apennines

28 Febbraio 2020 | Non categorizzato

Thanks to the SLO’s partnership with Rewilding Apennines, the great work that our volunteers have been carrying out since 2015 has been promoted thanks to a webinar organized by the European Rewilding Network, which was attended by people from 12 European countries. Rewilding Apennines underlined the real help that the volunteers give for a wide range of activities, the material and immaterial values they contribute to bring to the local communities where they temporary live within, the economic benefits and the multiple daily challenges. Moreover, a few examples of special volunteers like Constantinos Christou, Arianna Calderamo and Paula Mayer have been showed, because, with their passion and dedication, they contributed to the effectiveness and enhancing of the actions on rewilding and the bear conservation in different scopes.


To anyone who wants to join the association’s volunteer programs, you can visit our dedicated web page: