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A day to discover the Marsican brown bear in the summer camp in Pescolanciano

1 Settembre 2020 | Non categorizzato

Because of Covid-19, this is a hard Summer. However, when the mission calls, we are always more than happy to get involved. And this was what happened recently in Alto Molise, when Salviamo l’Orso and Intramontes, even thanks to their collaboration agreement, carried out together some initiatives of education and dissemination.
Indeed, during the Summer camp organized for children and teens from Pescolanciano, one day has been dedicated to know the Marsican brown bear through stories, games, videos, drawings and personalized souvenirs!
Moreover, in the Nature Oriented Reserve of Pesche, the Municipality and the Biodiversity Command of Carabinieri of Isernia organized the White Night of Biodiversity. Amongst different interventions of culture, music, science by walking between nature and history, even some of our members contributed to make people know the bear to the public, together with other species that share its habitat.