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A further international recognition of the good work done by SLO among the mountain communities of Abruzzo and Molise

4 Dicembre 2020 | Non categorizzato

Thanks to a recent donation of 57,000 euros from the Segré Foundation, a charity that has been active for 20 years worldwide and dedicated to protecting the planet’s biodiversity, Salviamo L’Orso will be able to continue the work started in recent years in two areas which are fundamental for the conservation of the Apennine bear: the Roveto Valley and Alto Molise. SLO will spend an additional 10,000 Euros of its own funds to co-finance the project activities planned for the two-year period 2021-2022.
Our experience in Pettorano sul Gizio and in Valle Peligna, where we have promoted the first “Bear Smart Community”, will be crucial for the success of the project which obviously also includes a whole series of initiatives to raise public awareness and inform people about “best coexistence practices” with this large mammal, symbol of the central Apennine mountains.