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The road collisions represent a global threat for the loss of biodiversity, human lives and damages to vehicles.

15 Dicembre 2020 | Non categorizzato

This masterpiece video by Constantinos Christou shows the risks that wildfauna run every day and the mitigation actions of wildlife-vehicle collisions that the volunteers of Salviamo l’Orso, in collaboration with the staff of Rewilding Apennines and of Monte Genzana Alto Gizio Nature Reserve, carry out in the Bear Smart Community Genzana.
Only in Europe alone, there are an estimated 10-100 million animal fatalities, 300 people dead and 30,000 injured every year. Each of us can take the right precautions, respect the  speed limits and always bear in mind that we are not the only ones who have the right to move, in order to make these numbers decrease…