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SLO and ALPA Lazio together for man-bear coexistence

18 Maggio 2021 | Non categorizzato

Salviamo l’Orso has accepted the request of some beekeepers from the association Alpa Lazio, protecting two apiaries outside the Simbruini Regional Park, in areas where the presence of the Marsican bear has recently been recorded.

In this way, Salviamo l’Orso intends to prevent damage to the hives, in a complementary way to the interventions carried out so far by the Regional Park and the Lazio Region. These interventions follow some incursions of bears in apiaries that occurred in recent weeks in Marano Equo and Leonessa.

Bernardino Ferri, President of Alpa Lazio, declares: “It is with satisfaction and gratitude that we report the successful delivery and installation of the electric fences to two apiaries in the area of the middle Aniene Valley that has always been a place of transit for the Marsican brown bear. The apiaries have been made safe thanks to the intervention of the voluntary organization Salviamo l’Orso. We thank them for the timeliness and efficiency of the intervention aimed at preventing and mitigating possible bear’s damage.

This concrete initiative tends to avoid possible conflicts between the presence of the bear and rural activities, essential to guarantee a possible coexistence between humans and bears, who have always lived together in the mountains of the Apennines.”