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We installed two road signs “Slow down” on the SP Carovillense

4 Agosto 2021 | Non categorizzato

Recently, the volunteers of Salviamo l’Orso were engaged to install two road signs “Slow down” on the SP Carovillense surrounding the RNO Montedimezzo, in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve core area Collemeluccio-Montedimezzo Alto Molise. This is an expansion area of the Marsican brown bear where in recent years there have been sightings of the plantigrade.
Here we share the video made by our member Giancarlo Gallinoro that tells the work done in the field in order to underline once again the recommendation to #caution dedicated to all the road users in the bear’s lands, especially during this summer holiday season, with an increasing vehicular traffic.
Moreover, to reinforce the message we charged the specialized company Due Pì from Cercemaggiore (CB), which we thank, to carry out the horizontal sign 150 m further on from the “Slow down” road signs. We also thank the Province of Isernia that authorized these road safety interventions.