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The Night of Biodiversity was very successful

13 Settembre 2021 | Non categorizzato

The Night Of Biodiversity carried out on last Saturday and organized by the Carabinieri Biodiversità of Isernia at RNO Montedimezzo was very successful.
It was a useful occasion to meet many families, children and nature lovers to make them know the initiatives of Rewilding Apennines and Salviamo l’Orso, also to involve them in funny and dynamic activities, such as the interpretive night hike to explore nature with all the senses, except for the sight! The presence of the beekeeper farm Mielisano from Pescolanciano was a good cue to speak about the best practices of man-bear coexistence in the Bear Smart Community Alto Molise.
Thanks to Intramontes’ friends, the theme of climate change was faced and it was artistically interpreted by the children through drawings on a big canvas! The carnivore “monstrous” plants were the subject chosen by the Giardino della Flora Appenninica to get people close to the essential role of the plants for the ecosystems’ balance. Thanks also to WWF Molise, AUSF Molise, Carabinieri CITES and Assembramenti Culturali for their activities.
The nice night ended with the free of 5 nocturnal birds, which were cured and hosted by the Carabinieri Forestali at the Wildlife Rescue Center of Montedimezzo, with the enthusiasm of all the participants!
See you next year!