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The Marsican: the last bear

15 Ottobre 2022 | Non categorizzato

The Apennine bear is so charismatic that it always stimulates the creation of new film products, which aim to raise awareness of the precarious condition of this extraordinary species and inspire an active participation in the conservation of one of the rarest bears in the world.

In particular, we invite everyone to watch the documentary “The Marsicano: the last bear”, directed by Massimiliano Sbrolla and broadcast by Sky Nature (channel 124). Through the story of Juan Carrito, one of the four cubs of the bear Amarena, this docu-film narrates the efforts for the conservation of the Marsican brown bear that institutions such as the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park and the Carabinieri Forestali, the volunteers of environmental protection associations, including Salviamo l’Orso, and citizens of the Terre dell’Orso are working to prevent the extinction of this precious subspecies endemic to the central Apennines.


Documentario “Il Marsicano: l’ultimo orso”, diretto da Massimiliano Sbrolla e trasmesso da #SkyNature (canale 124)…. | By Salviamo l’Orso | Facebook