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A road for bears

13 Dicembre 2022 | Non categorizzato


On 2019 Christmas Eve night, a female Marsican brown bear was killed on Strada statale 17: a high busy road in Abruzzo. The bear was run over by a car while crossing the road with her cub. The cub came back many times to the crash site looking for his mother.

Staff of two protected areas – Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise and Parco Nazionale della Maiella – were monitoring him and agreed that he put his safety at risk. This event impressed us very much, made us sad and angry. And even today it is so. Who works every day for the protection of nature and animals, like Salviamo l’Orso do, cannot be indifferent to such a dramatic event. We did our best to take action immediately: in collaboration with Pnalm and Wwf Italy, we built a fence along that stretch of dangerous road outside the Park’s boundaries. Help us complete the road safety for #UnaStradaAProvaDOrso.

Donate here! https://gofund.me/39f87f67


Driving slowly is important to people and wildlife safety: it’s the way to avoid any road accident with animals.

For years we have been working to make drivers aware of speed reduction. Sometimes, however, awareness-raising activities are not enough, and structural measures are needed. These are expensive works, often to be done outside the protected areas boundaries. We are about to complete the first part of the work, but Salviamo l’Orso needs another €30.000 to make 1km of road safe.

Support of all is needed. Even small donors make a difference. Would you like to be one of them? SS17 is a very busy road in Abruzzo to move from the Adriatic coast to the port of Naples and it is often full of large trucks or cars getting to Roccaraso. Unfortunately, the road crosses an important wildlife corridor.

This corridor is the Marsican brown bear population’s route of expansion from its “core area” to the South-west area. We can build fences on both sides of the road and so we’ll help animals to use a safe underpass. A first part of the road’s safety work was realised for 670 meters and it was made by Salviamo l’Orso together with other organisations for a total cost of €73,000 financed by our association, PNALM and WWF Italy. Beyond this, we need €60.000 to complete other 480 meters of fence. Some private donors, like TENT, Rewilding Europe and Rewilding Apennines, have committed to funding half the work, but under one condition: Salviamo l’Orso has to collect another € 30.000, among its members, friends and supporters.

We need everyone’s help: to take part, donates here: https://gofund.me/7191e97a



Per contribuire dona qui: https://gofund.me/7191e97a