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About Roccaraso and Carrito

4 Dicembre 2022 | Non categorizzato

The video of Carrito’s latest incursion in Roccaraso shot by a citizen shows the bear rummaging through piles of rubbish accumulated in front of the ecological island. A demonstration of how the incivility of humans, coupled with the inefficiency of the municipal administration, is the cause of the bear’s presence in the village and most probably of his imminent capture and imprisonment.

Was it too difficult to arrange an extraordinary waste collection at the end of the Immaculate Conception weekend in a town that makes tourism its raison d’être? After this press release, the mayor of Roccaraso concludes his reply verbatim:

 “It’s easy to criticise mayors, it’s a popular sport. I do not respond to those who only seek visibility and are obsessed with the municipality of Roccaraso. However, it would be interesting to understand why this happens”.

We gladly explain to Di Donato why this happens. If money is spent to initiate better waste management, as the administration did last summer by creating collection islands, and we publicly credited the mayor for this, what sense does it make to leave the old bins open? Would it not be a good idea to finish the work and start heavily penalising those who do not use the islands or continue to leave their bins in the street? The image of Roccaraso would certainly gain as well as making visits by Carrito, who is certainly not stupid, less likely!