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Another year has passed under the banner of conservation

31 Dicembre 2022 | Non categorizzato

The tenth year of activity of Salviamo l’Orso has come to an end with the publication of the magazine “The Bear Lands”: https://issuu.com/salviamolorso/docs/n._16_-_dic_2022

Here we share a summary of the main achievements of 2022:

  • In collaboration with Rewilding Apennines, hospitality and coordination of 76 off-site volunteers, who stayed in the Central Apennines for an average of three months each;
  • 41 electric fences and a bear-proof metal door installed together with Rewilding Apennines (360 bear-damage prevention devices created since 2014!), with zero bear damage in the Genzana and Alto Molise Bear Smart Communities;
  • 28,000 m of barbed wire removed from the mountain landscape together with Rewilding Apennines;
  • 180 fruit trees from unused mountain orchards non-invasively pruned, in collaboration with Rewilding Apennines and the Monte Genzana Alto Gizio Regional Nature Reserve;
  • 105 fruit trees planted, together with Montagna Grande and ORSO & Friends organisations;
  • 98 LGD vaccinations and one spay operation performed;
  • 5 potentially dangerous water reservoirs secured together with Rewilding Apennines;
  • 5 bear-proof bins installed;
  • 35 opening days of the Bear Museum in Pizzone (30 Sundays and 5 on-demand openings) totalling around 250 visitors;
  • 10 public events (including 5 online seminars);
  • 10,688 data from wildlife, habitat and anthropogenic threat monitoring collected during field activities and through camera traps, in collaboration with the local authorities, in particular the Carabinieri Biodiversity Department of Castel di Sangro and the Riserva Monte Genzana Monte Genzana Alto Gizio.

We sincerely thank all the volunteers, the Italian and foreign trainees, our donors and all those who have supported and are supporting us in our daily commitment to the conservation of the Marsican brown bear!