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Press release on the new ski lifts in the Maiella National Park

17 Dicembre 2022 | Non categorizzato

A press release by Salviamo l’Orso, the Abruzzo Ornithological Station, LIPU and ALTURA on the Maiella National Park’s heavy censure of the Passolanciano-Maielletta preliminary project, confirming the associations’ criticism.

The project, sponsored by some regional politicians, would like to spend 25 million euros of public money to build a cableway from Roccamorice to Passolanciano. We wonder if these gentlemen have completely lost their sense of the ridiculous or if they have just drunk too much. How predictable these ski entrepreneurs are: it doesn’t snow (what a surprise) and they immediately ask for ‘relief’ from the Region, the same Region that is ready to spend 40 million euro of our taxes in Passolanciano and Monte Piselli (TE) to make them world-class winter resorts.

One would laugh at the rantings of our regional political class if it was not tragic and shameful to waste so much public money. On the subject of the refunds that Mr Bartolotti claims from the region, we wonder how much he has poured into the regional coffers of the profits he collected last year. It is a world upside down, entrepreneurs who do not know what business risk is, who keep the profits but pass the losses on to the regional community, and the politicians who are their friends, who pander to them in the name of an alleged ‘development of the territory’ or the fight against depopulation.

But how many activities in every field go bankrupt every day without getting any compensation? How many farmers are paid tens of millions for droughts that have reduced or wiped out their harvests? How many artisans are denied help in difficult times? Only the God of skiing is never said no?