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Salviamo l’Orso’s meeting in Rome

3 Dicembre 2022 | Non categorizzato

The construction of new ski resorts is a serious threat to the habitat of the bears and many animal species living in the Central Apennines.

Is it right to invest millions of euros in impactful structures? Is it right to build ski resorts that risk going unused because of climate change? Resorts that steal more space to the few untouched edges on our mountains? This and much more was discussed in an interesting meeting at Patagonia’s new store in Rome.

Inside the store we set up a photo exhibition, which soon we will move and set up at another location, too. Before the talk with the documentarist Luca Albrisi, there was the screening of two films “Vanishing Lines” and “Across Emptiness” and of our movie “Aspettando la neve” (Waiting for the snow), which will be released soon. We thank Patagonia Roma and all the people who have come to visit us. We will soon talk again with Patagonia about stopping the construction of new ski resorts to defend nature.