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Under the Berne Convention, the wolf remains a strictly protected species

6 Dicembre 2022 | Non categorizzato

According to the Bern Convention, wolves remain a strictly protected species. The Standing Committee of the international agreement on wildlife conservation and natural habitats said no to the Swiss Confederation’s request to downgrade the wolf as a protected species.

The Swiss proposal, which would have allowed culls, was strongly rejected by only 6 votes in favour of 30 Countries involved.

This is an important signal that, together with the rejection by our Constitutional Court of The Sirente-Velino Park’s cutting promoted by Regione Abruzzo, encourages us and makes us hope. We regret, however, that environmental protection is still under negotiation and that the greatest threats to the conservation of nature always come from a policy influenced by the pressures of some economic categories.


Ph. Fabrizio Cordischi