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Juan Carrito has left us

23 Gennaio 2023 | Non categorizzato

The loss of Juan Carrito, road-killed on the 23rd of January along the State Road 17, leaves all of us who are passionate about human-bear coexistence in ecological corridors, with a deep sense of frustration and responsibility for the loss of another bear on the road.

In much of our Apennines, roads run through natural areas rich in biodiversity. Living in an area where nature is predominant should oblige us to invest in its preservation, considering that this same wealth is used in slogans to attract tourist flows.. All too often, however, there is a lack of policies (local, regional and national) that provide for concrete actions to mitigate our impact on the precious and unique biodiversity that surrounds us.

Road safety interventions for the sake of fauna and people, especially outside protected areas, cannot be left to associations or parks. They already invest huge resources and energy on their own initiative to improve the coexistence between man and bear, to mitigate the impact of our activities on the survival of the bear, to guarantee a future for the Apennine population.

A real change of gear is needed: let the death of a young bear not be forgotten tomorrow and not be in vain.



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