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24 Gennaio 2023 | Non categorizzato

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Five bears have been hit on the SS17 since 2014. Three of them, including Carrito, were killed by the impact. Three is a huge number out of a population of about sixty.

When we started the fundraising campaign to secure a dangerous section of the SS17, Carrito was still alive. His tragic end had a lot of media hype because the bear was known and loved.

But Carrito did not die because he was a ‘confident’ bear. He died because he was a bear and bears need space and for this reason they move. They do so in a habitat fragmented by roads, highways and man-made infrastructure.

Unfortunately, therefore, the death of bears from road accidents is among the most feared, and somewhat predictable,especially on roads as dangerous as the SS17.

Therefore, if we care about the protection of this animal and want to prevent further very serious road fatalities, we must make bear travel safe. And we must do it soon, very soon! Otherwise more animals will lose their lives in this way.

This should be taken care of by the institutions that are in charge of it. But we cannot sit still and wait for a signal. So let Carrito’s loss be an eye-opener!

Let us turn the lessons that come from this sad story into concrete actions: among them the fact that securing the roads that cut through the territories inhabited by wildlife is a priority, that it must be done quickly and that networking is necessary.

The Marsican brown bear is an endangered subspecies and each individual is therefore extremely valuable. Losing a bear to human causes means saying goodbye to a life, but it is also dealing a blow to the efforts being made to preserve the species and its coexistence with humans.

Yet another animal victim on the SS17

In the territory of Castel di Sangro: a wolf was run over and killed on the Stare Road 17. Local newspapers reported the news.

There remains an urgent need for action on the road for the safety of wildlife and people. Just as it is urgent and opportune that the issue also be addressed at institutional tables and not only among private parties.

News link (in Italian): https://www.rete8.it/cronaca/curiosita-e-attualita/castel-di-sangro-lupo-investito-sulla-stessa-strada-di-juan-carrito/