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Can beekeeping and bears coexist?

25 Febbraio 2023 | Non categorizzato

Can beekeeping and bears coexist? Riccardo Poli, of Apicoltura dell’orso (“Beekeeping of the bear”) thinks they can.

He shows it with his story. 38 years old, Riccardo has been a beekeeper since 2010. He believes in human-wildlife coexistence, plants trees and carries out a humanitarian project. He is a visionary man.

From the Lessinia mountains, his gaze has arrived in Abruzzo. Here Riccardo has known and joined the Salviamo l’Orso mission. He donated a part of the proceeds from the sales of his honey to us. A Salviamo l’Orso label is inserted on his honey pots. Thanks Riccardo for the commitment and for the valuable work of raising awareness beyond the borders of Abruzzo.