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News from #UnaStradaAprovaDorso

4 Marzo 2023 | Non categorizzato

The European Nature Trust (TENT) is the sponsor who donated € 30.000 for #UnaStradaAprovaDorso helping us to get closer to the € 60,000 needed to pay for the cost of a 1 km fence along the SS17.

We had a chance to close the works, thanks to this significant contribution, which is added to the € 18,000 of private donations.

At the link below, TENT explains why it chose to support Salviamo l’Orso. “In Italy, critically endangered bears are being hit by cars. We’re here to help”, you can read in the article title.

Thanks to TENT for the key contribution and for the sensitivity about road safety, which is such an important issue to the Marsican brown bear conservation.