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Cleaned rivers for bears

6 Aprile 2023 | Non categorizzato

Last Monday, Salviamo l’Orso’s volunteers were engaged in the collection of waste along the Riaccio river, inside the Riserva Monte Genzana Alto Gizio. Mountain rivers are real treasure chests of biodiversity: fish, amphibians, river shrimps and invertebrates of various species very sensitive to pollution can only live and reproduce in extremely clean water.

These species are the basis of the ecosystem, they also support the presence of some mammals like the European polecat and the otter. Abandoning garbage in wetlands therefore means compromising very vulnerable habitats.

Here is the importance of cleaning actions and restoration of appropriate environmental conditions. We hope they will be less and less necessary in the future. The cleaning actions carried out by the volunteers along the Riaccio were done in collaboration with the Reserve Monte Genzana Alto Gizio.