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There are several anthropogenic threats to environmental conservation

12 Maggio 2023 | Non categorizzato

There are several anthropogenic threats to environmental conservation. In Spring especially, one of the main threats is the risk of animal poisoning. The use of poison is a real problem in Italy, and is particularly acute in the Central Apennines. Unfortunately, the culture of poison is still widespread here. Poison is a devious weapon, used by those who have no mercy for domestic and wild animals, which are considered competitors in hunting or “harmful” to livestock and crops.

The guilty of this cruel and vile practice often remain unpunished because finding evidence against suspects is hard, and the time for toxicological analysis is too long. In addition to this, some veterinary and judicial police operators aren’t prepared to apply the correct antivenom strategies.

There are many cases every year of animals found dead, due to the ingestion of toxic substances disseminated by humans. Data from recent decades shows that poisoning is the proven cause of 14% of deaths in the Marsican brown bear. The poisonings therefore significantly contribute to the critical risk of extinction of this unique subspecies.

In addition, “secondary type poisoning” – which affects species that are not the target of persecution – is the main reason why the Griffon vulture is threatened with extinction in Italy. The Griffon vulture is an obligate necrophage, and risks poisoning by feeding on the carcasses of poisoned animals. Wolves, foxes and other carnivores can also be poisoned and die in the same way.

There is an urgent need for cultural action if we are to overcome this phenomenon that is rooted in ignorance and contempt for life.

Help Salviamo l’Orso and Rewilding Apennines to fight the use of poison! Call 1515 to report suspected poisoning, talk about this threat with the people you know and contribute to fight this ancient, but still current problem, that undermines every effort to protect nature.


Ph. Dara Brodey