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Dear De Laurentiis, President of Napoli Calcio, will you build the roundabout at the Castel di Sangro cemetery?

10 Giugno 2023 | Non categorizzato

The Mayor of Castel di Sangro, Angelo Caruso, who made the headlines for having requested and obtained the ashes of poor Juan Carrito, to whom it seems he wants to dedicate a mausoleum, continues to exploit the bear as a tourist attraction.

Now it is the teddy bear wearing the Napoli championship jersey. However, spending money in a concrete way to prevent other animals from ending up like Carrito is out of the question.

Every trace has been lost of the famous roundabout to be built on the SS17 at the height of the Castel di Sangro cemetery, even though it was indicated by the PNALM and associations as the first mitigation measure to be taken on that stretch of the SS17. ANAS and the municipality continue to turn a deaf ear. perhaps it would be better to ask De Laurentiis about the roundabout…