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Bears chased for a photo

3 Luglio 2023 | Non categorizzato

These days serious episodes of bears, especially females with cubs, chased day and night by “photographic trophy hunters” on foot or by car are occurring.

This behaviour represents a real threat to the survival of bears for reasons which shouldn’t be difficult to understand and that we want to remind in the article at this link https://www.salviamolorso.it/en/bears-chased-for-a-photo-or-a-video/

The mayors of Villalago and Roccaraso did well in issuing ordinances for the protection of bears, but now it is necessary for the authorities to enforce them through heavy sanctions when the rules and the ethics to not disturb the animals fail.

We renew the invitation to local authorities dealing with bears to contact us to ask for the support of our volunteers. We will do our best to help you!

Since sharing video of chases often produces more imitation than disapproval among the vast and sometimes careless, even reckless, internet audience, here we post just a frame from the latest video of a female bear and her single cub being chased after she had already lost two cubs, probably to natural causes.