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Sharing good habits

14 Agosto 2023 | Non categorizzato

This video published on Neve Appennino’s YouTube channel documents the respectful behaviour shown towards Amarena and her two cubs by the drivers who stopped their cars on both sides of the road, waiting for the bears to depart from the Marsicana State Road 83 near Pescina, rather than chasing them as, unfortunately, often happens in similar situations.

We share this testimony of common sense, civility, and observance of the mayor of Pescina’s ordinance with the hope that it will inspire as many people as possible to behave likewise in case they encounter bears or other wild animals on the road:

To this end, we should remind people that turning off their headlights so as not to blind the animals can be an even more effective way of encouraging them to move away from the road, whilst turning on the hazard lights would show the presence of stationary cars to other drivers on the road, thus avoiding accidents. Sure, with the lights off you won’t be able to take pictures and videos, but animal welfare comes first!

Speaking of wildlife being chased by cars, the Carabinieri Forestali of Roccaraso did well to report a driver for mistreatment of animals and violation of the mayoral ordinance, after he chased and filmed Bambina the bear and her cub on last June 27. The man’s misbehaviour was clearly a source of unnecessary stress for the bears, as well as a threat for other road users: