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Stop construction of cross-country ski stadium at Piani di Pezza

31 Agosto 2023 | Non categorizzato

Works began before the environmental impact assessment was published and then were suspended on July 26.

After publication, the study revealed a number of inconsistencies and shortcomings, which made the document non-compliant with the requirements of the National Guidelines on environmental impact assessment (G. U. dated 12/28/2019). Prominent among the various shortcomings are the absence of the impact of night lighting, sound disturbance, and even the effects of artificial snowfall.

Also, absent is the detection of orchid blooms, one of the main floristic elements that make a habitat a “priority.”

It verges on the absurd with the “censure” on the presence of Jacobea vulgaris subsp. Gotlandica, a very rare species for the Italian flora and included in Annexes II and IV of the Habitats Directive.

As always, the questions we ask are the same. What will this intervention bring to local communities?

How attractive can this intervention be in motivating new tourist flows, in the face of the unquestionable damage it causes to such a precious environment as the Piani di Pezza?

We think that public funding, that would deserve quite different purposes, is being used for a few more job positions only to generate a generic qualification of the tourist offer with no new job positions created.