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LIFE Bear-Smart Corridors

22 Settembre 2023 | Non categorizzato

Field activities to improve the habitat of bears and bear-related species in the central Apennines continue.

A few weeks ago, teams from Rewilding Apennines, Salviamo l’Orso and volunteers from both organisations freed 960 metres of mountain from barbed wire, removing a total of more than 2,880 linear metres of wire. This intervention adds up to the others carried out in 2023, reaching about 6,000 linear metres removed this year. These fences, which have been obsolete and dilapidated for decades, are a major detractor of the landscape and a threat to human and animal safety and, at the same time, a barrier to their movements.

Heartfelt thanks to our tireless teams and volunteers who never spare themselves when facing with these environmental restoration actions!


Ph: Fabrizio Cordischi