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The battle of NO PIZZONE II continues

13 Ottobre 2023 | Non categorizzato

A well-attended hike with more than 100 participants made known today the places in the Abruzzo Lazio and Molise National Park threatened by the Enel “Pizzone II” project.

Valle Fiorita and the Campitelli plateau, on the border between Molise and Abruzzo, provided a splendid backdrop for the initiative of the “No Pizzone II” Coordination, which was created a month ago to oppose the Enel project filed with the Ministry of the Environment for the Environmental Impact Assessment procedure.

An intervention with an impact that would be devastating for an area protected by the National Park and several Sites of Community Interest.

Visiting this place you understand how this project is totally incompatible with the protection of Nature and the landscape.

That’s why the coordination has organized, together with several environmental hiking guides, this initiative in order to explain directly in the field the impacts of construction sites that would last years and years, with deforestation, traffic and huge excavations in the mountains for the construction of tunnels, roads and power plant.

With determination we will continue the struggle to defend the territories of the Marsican Brown Bear and many other protected species: Enel would do better to abandon this project immediately.


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