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Amarena’s Cubs Update

6 Dicembre 2023 | Non categorizzato

Here we share with you the latest developments in the lives of Amarena’s cubs. Over the past month, the cubs continued their journey of growth and exploration in the surrounding territory.

Their presence was more noticeable at times, while at others, they left only traces of their passage. Now that they are approximately 11 months old, their appearance has changed significantly. Approaching adulthood, they retain their natural curiosity but exhibit fewer traits of cubs. Weather conditions, increasingly changing, influenced the bears’ behaviour. the arrival of the first snow on the mountains had suggested an imminent hibernation period.

However, with the return of a warmer weather, they were observed once again engaged in feeding and resting activities. We hope that temperatures will drop further, allowing them to find a suitable den for hibernation, following their innate instincts and natural biological cycles. The investigations into Amarena’s death are still ongoing, managed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Avezzano. At the end of this phase, more information will be available on the investigation results and any charges against Mr. Leombruni.