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LIFE Bear-Smart Corridors Updates

16 April 2024 | Non categorizzato

In recent weeks, as bears have awakened from hibernation, Rewilding Apennines and Save the Bear staff along with volunteers have installed 4 electrified fences in ecological corridor areas in the central Apennines and Sirente Velino Regional Nature Park.

Five operations of the Bear Intervention Unit, i.e., coexistence emergency response, were also carried out to repair as many structures that were not functioning properly. In one case, thanks to a phototrap, it was possible to detect how the bear, approaching the sheltered enclosure, was unable to access the secured property we installed electrified fences and carried out emergency operations for bear coexistence in ecological corridor areas in the central Apennines.

Important work to ensure bear safety and peaceful coexistence with local communities.

All of this was accomplished through the LIFE Bear-Smart Corridors project, of which Save the Bear is a part.