Salviamo l’Orso is a non-profit, volunteer-led association working to save the Marsican brown bear from extinction by appealing to everyone who cares about this unique species and its natural environment.

Our work pairs engagement with various authorities and organisations with practical on-the-ground interventions that help protect these bears.

We contribute to the world’s understanding of this species and the threats it faces


We encourage co-operation between organisations which are responsible for protecting the species


We make sure that any risks to the bears’ health and habitat are tracked and quickly reported


We evaluate and fund bear conservation projects and our members and volunteers deliver them



2024 SLO Calendar

After much waiting, the 2024 Salviamo l’Orso calendar is now available.


Thanks to the collaboration and talent of the naturalistic designer Elisabetta Mitrovic-Taccuini in Natura we have created something truly special.

Click here to discover the calendar.

A bear proof road


Help us make dangerous road safe for wildlife.
You can pledge at this link: GoFundMe campaign


Bear Smart Community Project

Volunteers 40
Electric fences installation 380
Bear proof dumpsters 10
Public events 30
Fruit picking days 20

Environmental improvement projects

Barbed wire removed (km) 180
Water collection tanks secured 15
Vaccinated sheepdogs 900
Waste collection days 30
Pruned fruit trees 700
Trees planted, away from the villages 250

Terre dell’Orso newsletter

Our magazine Terre dell’Orso (which means ‘Lands of the Bear’ or ‘Bear Country’) features news, updates and in-depth articles concerning the protection of the bears and their territory.

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We need volunteers to boost our efforts to protect the Marsican brown bear. Volunteers freely contribute their spare time and their skills to carry out various bear conservation tasks and projects.