New ski lifts, Abruzzo NP says “no”

Abruzzo National Park has officially expressed its concern and unfavorable opinion about the project of new ski lifts between Castel di Sangro and the Aremogna facilities. According to Abruzzo NP President, Giuseppe Rossi, this kind of investments would turn to be unprofitable, as the current facilities are already reached maximum expansion, and would result in..

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Biodiversamente - festival dell'ecoscienza

Bears in the clouds

Universitary Museum in Chieti (Abruzzo) participates to “Biodiversamente, Festival dell’Ecoscienza” and in collaboration with WWF Chieti and Abruzzo NP organizes the event “ORSI TRA LE NUVOLE” (Bears in the clouds). Two days devoted to the brown bear, a species living both the Italian Alps and Apennines, with the aim of informing and raising awarenes on the bears’ presence..

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Orsi su statale 83 - fonte web

Bear cub hit in Abruzzo NP

Yesterday a bear cub has been hit on the roads near Scanno, in the Abruzzo NP (PNALM). This cub is son to Gemma, the female bear widely known for her frequent raids in the Sagittario Valley. According to rangers and forestal corps, the cub didn’t get damaged and joined back her mother in the woods…

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