To become member of Salviamo l’Orso is a first step to show your support to our  work and, most of all, to join a group of people who take to heart the destiny of bears and their natural habitat in the Apennines, to share their ideals, hopes, goals and, why not, to become a reference point for a specific territory.

Member fees for the current year have been established as follows:

  • Ordinary member: 20 €
  • Ordinary member (under 20): 10 €

What the member fee is used for

We decided to reduce to a minimum all management expenses: website, bank account, stationery, postal services (registered mails and institutional letters). Thus, we also zero expenses for mailing our members, after admission you will receive via mail a letter of appreciation by our President, that also includes your Member card, that you may cut out.

We’ll evaluate the opportunity to do some merchandising to our members and to promote the association (t-shirts and stickers). Members fees will be used in the overall financing of association projects helping the Marsican brown bear, while each donation will be devoted to a single project as indicated by its donor.

How to become a member

Fill in and send the online subscription form, you will be then redirected to the payment instructions page, where you can choose among several payment methods (credit card, PayPal, wire transfer).

Once we receive  your application we will mail to you a letter and the association membership card.