Ph: Massimiliano de Persiis

The conservation organisation Salviamo l’Orso wants to create an opportunity to carry out outdoor educational activities with the aim of introducing the Marsican bear to students. The figure of the bear has always touched the imagination of children and Salviamo l’Orso aims to get students to know the Marsican brown bear, the animal icon of the Central Apennines Mountains.
The younger generations will become the custodians of this amazing species, which unfortunately is at risk of extinction, so raising their awareness is crucial. You must have knowledge to appreciate; and appreciation to preserve.
Nature activities for kids are really important because they directly benefit their development and psycho-physical wellbeing.
The possibility of practicing educational activities in a natural context allows us to offer added value that improves the training of student’s skills and abilities.


What the Marsican bear eats and how it behaves.
What we can do to help and to protect the Marsican bear.

Suitable demographics

Kindergarten children, primary and secondary school students.

Activity availability

School year 2018-2019. Half-day activities, the date has to be agreed at least one month in advance, a maximum of two classes simultaneously.


Outdoor activities are preferred as all of the senses can be engaged, for a full exploration of the natural environment.
Children will work as team players, focusing on activities that increase creativity and provide opportunities for direct interactions with the natural world.

Educational paths:

The directors of Salviamo l’Orso are experts in environmental education and have developed three teaching proposals, designed to be delivered in different locations:

  • “Walking with the bear”, in Monte Genzana Alto Gizio Regional Nature Reserve (Pettorano sul Gizio, AQ);
  • “Have you ever met the bear in Pizzone?”, in the territory of Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise National Park (Pizzone, IS);
  • “Get you know the Marsican bear….in your park”, in a green area or urban park near your school, to be arranged together.

Each of three proposals corresponds to a different detailed teaching sheet, which can be provided to the school managers or participating teachers.


It’s possible to modify the proposed programmes to meet different needs and requirements of students.


Teaching activity: €5 per student
Transport: organization and costs are to be covered by schools.


Salviamo l’Orso contact person: Angela Tavone, PhD
+39 350 0260161