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Salviamo l’Orso is registered in the Italian Non-Profit Registry with the deliberation no. 15177 of 16th October 2012



art.3) The association is a non-profit organization with the only scope of preserving and promoting the expansion of the Marsican brown bear population within the boundaries of its original habitat , namely the Central-Southern Apennines, which comprises the territory of five regions (Abruzzo-Molise-Lazio-Umbria-Marche):

a. Promoting information about the danger of extinction that threatens the species;

b. Organizing meetings, conferences, presentations, proposals and petitions;

c. Promoting collaboration with organizations, institutions, structures and associations, public or private, that are fighting for the same cause or in charge of the study and management of the species;

d. Encouraging competent institutions to take the necessary safeguards and protection measures;

e. Working to ensure that scientific researches support concrete actions for the protection of the species;

f. Entering into agreements with public or private authorities;

g. Ensuring a constant stream of news and updating the media in order to create a favorable attitude toward the bear in the public opinion;

h. Creating a website that discloses and communicate the activities of the association;

i. Collecting images and videos related to the Marsican bear and the its environment in order to save them in an archive;

j. Raising funds to be donated in favor of measures to protect the species, the environment in which it lives and those who might be damaged by bears (farmers), thus reducing the danger of conflicts that can fall back negatively on the conservation of the species. The Association may carry out its activities in cooperation with any public or private authority, within the scope and limits of the statutory purposes. The Association shall not engage in any other activities but those above indicated.