A CD for the Marsican brown bear


524504_682554945106834_983000417_nIl Cielo degli Orsi (The Bears’ Sky) is an audio CD produced by Paolo Fiorucci together with a group of singers and song-writers. By this fundraising you can help Salviamo l’Orso to finance its conservation projects.

This compilation is entitled “Il cielo degli Orsi” from a song by Paolo Fiorucci and Massimo Germini –guitarist of the famous Italian singer Roberto Vecchioni – and it is composed by fifteen pieces to promote animal welfare and environmental protection, which are all written and interpreted by artists of national fame, such as Daniele Silvestri, Assalti Frontali, Max Manfredi, Têtes de Bois and Alessio Lega. Five songs are dedicated just to the bear.

Donations to receive this CD will be fully used by Salviamo l’Orso to implement conservation measures to prevent the risk of vehicle-wildlife collisions on roads where bear crossings often occur. These roads in the last five years costed the lives of five precious individuals of this critically endangered population of Apennine bears.

You can order this CD prior to a minimum donation of € 25 for residents in Europe (shipping included).

Please, write to us to order your copies.

Paolo Fiorucci

Paolo Fiorucci (ph Alessandra Cocciolone)



  1. Emanuele Bocci – Nunca Mas
  2. Paolo Fiorucci feat. Max Manfredi – Il Cielo degli Orsi
  3. Marco Ongaro – Esplosioni Nucleari a Los Alamos
  4. Rebi Rivale – Stelle per Farfalle
  5. Simone Agostini – A25
  6. Assalti Frontali – Storia dell’Orso Bruno
  7. Caraserena – Il Cavallo di Troia
  8. Jontom – La Ninna Nanna degli Orsi
  9. Têtes de Bois feat. Daniele Silvestri – Le Rane
  10. Rossella Seno – Luna Su di Me
  11. Erica Boschiero feat. Tony Cercola – Trasporto Eccezionale
  12. Grazia De Marchi – La Riserva
  13. Alessio Lega – La Morte di Re Orso
  14. Fabularasa – Una Giornata Serena
  15. Massimo Germini – Addio a Muskwa