There are many ways to support our association and initiatives aimed at the conservation of the bear and its habitat. Both your material or moral contribution are very important for us:

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To become member of Salviamo l’Orso is a first step to show your support to our  work and, most of all, to join a group of people who take to heart the destiny of bears and their natural habitat in the Apennines, to share their ideals, hopes, goals and, why not, to become a reference point for a specific territory >>


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Fundraising is important to implement the projects and initiatives that we will take into consideration from time to time. Land protections, conflicts and risks mitigation, cultural and didactic promotion are only some sectors in which we are anxious to intervene: every donation, either small or big, is a chance for us to take concrete actions. You will constantly check out how your donation is used and be informed when the project is fulfilled >>


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To help the bear means to promote the culture of conservation in the civil society, the respect for that species and the lands wherein it lives. To have an active role in the territory by monitoring and punctually signalling any hazardous situation to bears, or sightings and finds referable to the bear presence, is a crucial activity.