There are many ways to support our association and initiatives aimed at the conservation of the bear and its habitat. Both your material or moral contribution are very important for us:

What can you do for the Marsican bear? There are many ways you can help our association and its efforts to protect the bears and their habitat. Your financial contributions are really important to us, but so are other things you can do to support our work.

Becoming a member of Salviamo l’Orso allows you to show your support for our mission and brings you together with other people who care about the bears’ survival and the Apennine region’s natural environment. You can play a part in a community whose aims, hopes and ideals you share, and maybe even take on some responsibility for a particular area. >>

Donations allow us to take projects from possibility to reality. Protecting bear territory, mitigating conflicts and risks, raising awareness and educating people are just some of the things that we need to do. Every donation, large or small, means we can make a real difference. You will be able to see which project your donation funds and we will tell you when the project has been completed.

Helping the bears also involves encouraging other people to respect these animals and their territory. It is really helpful if you can take an interest in your local area and make us aware of any signs of bears and of anything that might pose a risk to them.